The curious mind

The curious mind

I come back again :)

جمعه, ۵ آبان ۱۳۹۶، ۱۱:۱۵ ب.ظ

In the name of Allah:)

My God help me pleas so that I stay stable

and help me so that I can Know myself and You

help me to know world by learning language of other thoughts

I hope you and Im sure that I will achive my goal

My painting

جمعه, ۲۶ خرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۱۰:۱۰ ق.ظ

I beleive that if i want i can

If i start i can

If i act i can

...If i stand up

...If i don't give up

! I can

I know that i araive to my goal (If i want)

painting by: myself

Last night

جمعه, ۲۶ خرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۹:۳۷ ق.ظ

last night was night of Ghadr

after the all of bad events in this tims i can achive a perfect serenity

happend a good events last night

ihop that this situation stay whit me until the end

photo by: myself

First day without stress of school

جمعه, ۲۶ خرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۹:۱۴ ق.ظ

     Morning:  09:15

she's Sara (my little sister)she don't let me to sleep

in fact myself don't like sleep  because today is first day that i don't want to go to school

because of this i'm very happy and can't sleep

i'm planing for this summer...i have perfect plan for myself

Hi :)

جمعه, ۲۶ خرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۷:۰۹ ق.ظ


this is first post of my new weblog

i hop that i can type good text in this web